Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a new way to email

I set up my fathers computer a couple of weeks ago. He needed directions written down to use Word. I had to fix the inevitable paper jam. I had to explain the written directions, again.

Update.......... He wrote a letter in word to a friend from the Navy, printed it, put it in an envelope and sent it via USPS.

I saw the first attempt. I'm sure the recipient of the letter is wondering whats up. His spelling is atrocious, I did not remind him about spell check, it would have been too confusing. His words had numbers and stuff.

The first line of the letter I saw, without the numbers...."well I'm back in business with email, my daughter got the computer running again for me."

next tv

I didn't realize that I was that great of a chef. This morning during breakfast, the littlest guy looked at his plate and exclaimed "this is the best breakfast I ever seen"

I was sorry I didn't take a picture of the masterpiece before it was served.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

a sleepover at grandma's

Early tomorrow morning, the boys (soon to be 3 and 6) will be coming to our house for a sleepover. Their mother, my daughter is getting her tonsils out. After spending this last year with one infection after another in her throat, and ending a month ago with an abscess that wouldn't go away, the Ear Nose Throat specialist that was called in strongly urged her to do so. Part of her problem is that she is allergic to most antibiotics. Her regular doctor rarely will give her an antibiotic, preferring to let her fight off most infections naturally and save the drugs for emergencies. This last infection took two rounds of different drugs to finally cure her.

The boys are more excited about the sleepover than having any sympathy for mom. I'm sure they have big plans for the week. They were mad that it didn't start tonight.

Auntie, my other daughter, gave them Spider Man ready beds for the special sleepover when they were in Chicago visiting her a few weeks ago. We got to hope their parents have packed enough for this sleepover. The last time I had one child with no underwear or socks.

Monday, August 13, 2007

pioneer woman

We spent 4 nights and 5 days at the family camp at the lake. Such a wonderful relaxing place. It has all the modern conveniences that makes an early pioneer woman jump for joy!

Lucky, lucky me!! This is the stove I get to cook on! Oops, this picture shows we are in need of a polishing.
Funny thing, the burners don't turn on with the turn of a dial. This is what we needed to do so we could cook. We were completely out of wood.

Of course we also had to make more of this for the fireplace in case we needed heat.
After you fix a lovely meal you need to go to the pump to get water to heat on the stove so you can wash dishes. Here is our ice box. Just kidding, what do you think we are anyway. We do have electricity, so we have a modern refrigerator. The ice box is used for a pantry.

We had the boys spend one night with us. They were able to spend 2 full days playing in the woods, swimming, going for boat rides and fishing.
We didn't catch anything big enough to keep, but this little guy was so cute I had to post the picture.
On a side note....this is my husbands fishing boat. The boat he just had to have. In the 5 years we have had this boat he has never caught a fish that was a keeper. Not for lack of trying.

I am an heiress!

WOO-HOO, I just got off the phone with my father. In today's mail he received a letter notifying him that he won a sweepstakes. Lucky me, I know he will share the wealth. I don't know what I am going to buy first!! Should it be jewelery, a new car, a trip?

It really burns me that they market to senior citizens, raising their hopes with all the double talk. He wasn't listening that he wont be getting a check for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I tried to tell him he is NOT to send any money. At times he gets so angry at my mother if she explains that it is just a con to get his money, other times he understands. I have tried to explain different ways to my mother to make him think she sends the check. She is getting much better at it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

happy anniversary to us

birthday rain
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Our anniversary didn't turn out to be a wonderful romantic evening as I had planned. My husband's cousin and fiancee came into town unexpectedly. They canoed on Lake Superior in the morning and met us at camp later in the day. We went for a paddle boat ride on the lake and then went swimming. The rain only lasted for a minute. A quick change and and we were on our way to dinner. We have a great lodge that has good food only 3 minutes from camp. We will have to make a date for the romantic dinner another time.

Monday, August 6, 2007

margaritaville party chair

party chair
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Isn't this the cutest!! This is one of the bar stools that they had painted for the patio. I wanted to get a picture of the bar, but didn't have a clear shot whenever I thought about it. They found four more stools at a garage sale that morning and are getting those done too.


tee shirt
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We had a grown up night this past weekend. My husband and I were invited to my cousins house for his and his girlfriends 2nd annual margarita party. They have a great backyard, lots of room, I'm not sure how many acres. Of course there is too much food and drink. I wish I could invite my own friends to this party. We don't really know very many people that get invited, except the family members of course. Some of them I don't really talk to much. She bought him this new shirt for the occasion.

Friday, August 3, 2007

he wants mail

I went to my parents tonight to set up his computer again. He took it apart a few months back and moved it into another room in his basement. It has been happily collecting dust, and he has been very busy outside.

It has been too hot this week to spend much time outdoors. So like he did this past winter, he has been very busy cleaning and rearranging the basement for the hundredth time. He came across the computer and decided that now would be a good time to get it hooked up.

During this past year he has cancelled and re-activated his Internet service many times. Actually he has made my mother do it because he didn't know who to call or what to tell them he needed.

He had a few reasons for his cancellations. His friends sent the same jokes over and over. The first would send the joke to a few friends and they in turn wouldn't look to see who was copied on the original email and send it along to their contacts and by the end of the week he received the same joke 20 times. Then, the emails for Viagra, porn and stock picks were making him crazy.

Unfortunately, this last time he took the computer apart and moved it. You can see where I am going with this. Fortunately, he only lost 2 of the power cords. I searched and finally found one. I had to quick come home to grab an extra power cord for a monitor that I had.

I made him stay away while I hooked it up so that I could get in and delete all of his email. My plan is to tell him he lost everything when it was taken apart. That should stop him from wanting to get service back. He can play with scanning pictures and typing things in Word.

I think he is past being able to remember how to use it. I know that he will not be able to learn again. His ability understand and follow directions is not very good.

It's going to be a long winter!