Tuesday, August 14, 2007

a sleepover at grandma's

Early tomorrow morning, the boys (soon to be 3 and 6) will be coming to our house for a sleepover. Their mother, my daughter is getting her tonsils out. After spending this last year with one infection after another in her throat, and ending a month ago with an abscess that wouldn't go away, the Ear Nose Throat specialist that was called in strongly urged her to do so. Part of her problem is that she is allergic to most antibiotics. Her regular doctor rarely will give her an antibiotic, preferring to let her fight off most infections naturally and save the drugs for emergencies. This last infection took two rounds of different drugs to finally cure her.

The boys are more excited about the sleepover than having any sympathy for mom. I'm sure they have big plans for the week. They were mad that it didn't start tonight.

Auntie, my other daughter, gave them Spider Man ready beds for the special sleepover when they were in Chicago visiting her a few weeks ago. We got to hope their parents have packed enough for this sleepover. The last time I had one child with no underwear or socks.

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