Wednesday, July 18, 2007

girls nite out

It started as a simple shopping trip for bathroom tile. My best friend "C" called me early in the afternoon and asked if I would go to the tile store with her. Since I had spent a lot of time and of course money there when we moved into this house last year, I was almost as knowledgeable as the salesperson. We looked at tile for one of her bathroom renovation projects and rugs for her foyer and stairway. It was fun.

We pretty much spent the whole afternoon looking at samples and having fun. We came back to my house and relaxed on the deck and had a few Parrot Bay rum drinks. The first time I tried one of these, it reminded me of our trips to Jamaica. The four of us," C" and her husband and me with mine, have gone to Jamaica twice together and we are planning a trip for next winter.

Now, I am not saying that we had too many of these, because we did not. But we started talking about her cottage on the river and before too long we decided to have an impromptu girls night. It didn't hurt that she had a case of assorted flavors in the refrigerator at the cottage already chilled.

I very quickly packed my pajamas, a change of clothes and a toothbrush and we were on our way! I made a quick phone call to my husband. He was so sweet. He told us to have fun and not to worry he would check in on my parents that night. We got there and relaxed on the upper deck while waiting for our dinner to cook. We were so laid back that we decided blazin' hot chicken wings sounded great. We did not even bother with crackers, just wings.
It was so relaxing. The river was quiet and peaceful. The water is down this year. The pontoon boat is beached again and the dock barely makes it into the water. We both needed a getaway, if only for one night. We had a great time, stayed up much too late and woke up early in the morning. We both had to get back into town to babysit grandchildren.

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