Friday, July 20, 2007

where did my prince charming go

Last Saturday night ended the annual week long community festival celebrating the community's heritage. It was a fun filled week with a children's parade mid week and the large parade on Saturday afternoon. The week is consists of community picnics, fish boils, princess pageants, social night on the town, and this is the week of class reunions. It ended on Saturday night with a huge fireworks display over the lake.

We, meaning myself, husband, daughter and son-in-law and their two sons walked back to our house to wait for the traffic to clear so they could drive home. Kicked back in the family room, the little guys (6 and almost 3) and I were talking about the fireworks display, remembering all of our favorites.

I told the boys that when I turn into a fairy princess and we live in a magical fairy princess kingdom I will decree that there will be fireworks every night. That's how much I love fireworks!!

I have a rule here that if I have to play superhero with the boys, I get to be a princess with a sparkly dress. Sometimes my dress is pink, usually it is purple and if I get very lucky it can be lime green.

So anyway, the reaction to my proclamation from the smarty pants 6 year old, who now that he has finished kindergarten knows all he needs to know.....

He rolled his eyes, looked to his mom and said............" yeah, like that's going to happen."

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