Friday, July 27, 2007

road trip

I decided to take a day and go to my sisters house . She lives about 1 and 1/2 hours from me. She is always the one to come here and I rarely go there. Of course it is logical because she gets to see our parents when she comes for the day.

I waited to decide if I was going yesterday until the last minute. Parents and children and grandchildren have a way of changing your plans. I called to make sure she wasn't busy and left. Only my husband knew that I might go. I called my parents on the drive to let them know I was gone.

It was a good day! We went to a quilt show of art quilts with both local and national quilts, and did quick stops in a couple of fabric shops.

We went to a series of 3 furniture and lighting stores, all owned by the same woman, but with a different theme in each one. I got some ideas for a new light fixture for the dining room. I need to measure and really decide on style and size. My sister bought the new dining table that she had been thinking about. She purchased chairs a few weeks ago from the 'modern' store and found the table at the traditional store. They brought a chair from one store to the other for her to see it with the table. You got to love small towns! So when we stopped yesterday she paid and set up delivery for today.

We went back to her house and re-hung pictures that her husband hung for her. Let me just say that some men shouldn't be given that job. We did one wall in her living room and came up with a plan for another. I had to leave because it was getting late. She emailed pictures this morning of the finished the living room and the gallery in the back hall. It looks great! She wonders how long it will take her husband to notice. If he ever will.

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