Friday, July 6, 2007

89 bottles of what on the wall?

What started out as not driving 90 miles to pick strawberries but instead going to the fruit market 3 miles from home so we could go and spend the afternoon at the lake turned into this.

2 batches of strawberry jam

4 batches of strawberry rhubarb jam

5 batches of raspberry jam

The rhubarb was from the backyard, and the raspberries were last years in the freezer. The raspberries in the backyard are starting to ripen. I didn't want to have two years worth to sort through.

Once we got the strawberries there was no going back. It started the chain reaction and this is the outcome.

an assortment of 28 pints and 55 half pints and 6 quarter pints of jam .

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